Core Values

Character Traits (Outcomes)

  • Demonstrates a sense of awe and wonder for the creative and redemptive work of God.
  • Demonstrates an abiding passion for learning.
  • Responds wisely and with poise to challenges to their Christian faith.
  • Is able to persevere in the face of challenge and adversity.
  • Serves faithfully in a local church.
  • Demonstrates courage and faithfulness.
  • Respects authority and demonstrates love and humility to others.

Intellectual Traits (Outcomes)

  • Understands Scripture as the story of God’s plan to redeem His people in Christ throughout human history.
  • Understands Scripture as the means by which God conveys the truth of what Christians are to believe and the truth of what duties God requires of His people.
  • Has studied and gained an appreciation for the great books and ideas that have shaped the Western tradition.
  • Has a strong foundation in core academic disciplines, including a thorough knowledge of rhetoric, logic, and Latin.
  • Appreciates the order and beauty of the arts (physical, performing, visual).
  • Reasons clearly and engages the culture with a strong personal faith.
  • Writes and speaks eloquently and persuasively.

12th Grade Graduate Portrait

A 12th grade graduate of NCCS should exemplify certain characteristics or traits that are the organic outcomes of our educational program.  These outcomes are what guide the administration and faculty in curricular and programmatic decisions.  The entire scope and sequence of the academic program is intimately informed by this general portrait of what we as a school seek to produce and nurture within our students.