Grammar School (grades K-6)


Drop Off

Drop your student off for ECP beginning at 7:30 a.m.. Students play quiet games and begin their day with prayer.



Our safety patrol mans the doors and encourages drivers to park along the front of our school building to let their students out. Drop off is between 8:10 and 8:25. This is the time for sharpening pencils, copying Homework, stowing backpacks and lunchboxes and preparing for a great day! All students should be in their seats and ready to learn by 8:30 a.m..


Memory Period

Kindergarten and first graders say the pledge to the flag and begin their day with songs, recitation and prayer. Second through sixth grade travel to the worship room where they recite scripture, sing, chant and pray corporately led by Mrs. Janet Barker. Memory period is a great 15 minutes of every day!


Academic Pursuits

A Christ-centered world view is the goal of every class every day in this wonderful Classical, Christian School. The truth of God’s word is included in each subject as our students study Math, Science, Authentic Literature, History and more. Latin instruction begins in grade three. Weekly scheduled activities include library, physical education, music and art. Instrumental music lessons are provided for interested students beginning in grade four.



Next, it’s lunch time! Pizza is available each Thursday and Chick-Fil-A on Fridays (if pre-ordered). The rest of the week, children enjoy a healthy lunch packed from home each day. Most grades also have a snack time scheduled either in the morning or the afternoon.


Physical Activity

NCCS realizes the importance of physical activity for every child. Every class has at least 15 minutes of recess a day either outside or in our gym. Grades 1-3 have two recess periods a day. Younger children play in our fenced in playground while the older ones use the gaga pit, the open field or the back parking lot.



Teachers walk their classes out to the back parking lot where parents meet them and our safety patrol dismisses the cars like a finely tuned ballet! Children who are staying for ECP (extended care program) or for after school clubs stay with the assigned teacher.



After school care is provided in the gym and is licensed by the Maryland State Department of Education. Students follow a specific schedule that includes play, Homework and snack. ECP is available until 5:30pm every school day.