“New Covenant built into me a critical skill that I see many of my ‘academic superiors’ lack, and that is the ability to think.

I am accustomed to deep class discussions, thorough essay questions, and persuasive papers; whereas many of my peers who attended good high schools did not engage in the same way that a classical education mandates. This is the heart of learning.” – Michael Karsner NCCS class of 2013 (Wheaton ‘17)

“NCCS has definitely prepared me for writing in college…NCCS has prepared me to grow and to adapt as a writer. I was able to adapt to my professor’s style because of several techniques NCCS has taught me. (Every professor is different, so it is good that NCCS prepares students in a variety of writing styles).” – Ryan Thompson NCCS class of 2014 (Geneva College ’18)

“…I must say that I have never experienced a warmer and more genuine welcome back in my life – both Abby and I were greeted with smiles and hugs, every student, staff member, and parent we encountered were nothing but kind and welcoming. Like the prodigal son, we were met with open arms. This sanctified our decision in so many ways. To be treated so kindly, only exemplified the fact that all the staff at NCCS truly represent Christian values – what can I say- the proof is in the pudding! I can earnestly say it felt like a homecoming- the students, staff, teachers and parents at NCCS are truly like a family. I feel much comfort and relaxation knowing that my children are surrounded by leaders that exemplify Christ, practice His teachings and therefore will enable my daughters to grow in Him. Will we have to work a bit harder to teach our children about the differences in our home religion? Yes. Is this something we are willing to do? ABSOLUTELY. I feel 100% confident and grounded in the knowledge that the classical curriculum, in conjunction with the God centered values in practice at NCCS will allow our children to flourish not only academically, but spiritually as well.

There is a sort of magnetism at NCCS – one that is not easily put into words. Our experience these past few weeks and months leads me to believe that it is truly the staff and families that make the school, and to us, our school does feel like family, one we hope to be a part of for many years to come.” – Excerpt from letter from Cindy Allen – parent whose daughter left NCCS and then returned

Dear Mrs. Armstrong,
As you know, I spent several hours at school this morning with my guys. Your students are so inspirational during their daily memory period.Today they practiced for their spring program, which is always over-the-top. Example: they recited the Lords prayer in Latin, then several other poems in Latin. They are all beautiful young people. Excellence is normal for your NCCS students. They simply do not understand, not being the number one school in Maryland.

Then I stayed for Tyler’s class to watch them practice their class parts in the program. The students and teacher, Mrs. Armstrong rehearsed their piece, making several student suggested modifications. Student modifications were incorporated into ‘their’ program. I was requested to share my views, which I considered an honor. The students were visibly elated when ‘their’ suggestion was incorporated into their production for the spring program. This was participatory democracy at work in the classroom.

After the practice, I reinforced to Mrs. Armstrong’, her technique of using democracy in her classwork. She was surprised by my comment, in that that’s the NCCS ‘way’. There is no better method to teach children. By coincidence the WSJ (5/13/2015) quoted from a book, Team of Teams, written by General S McChrystal. He wrote Leaders must transition from an ‘all-knowing puppet masters’ to an ’empathetic crafters of culture’. This is exactly what NCCS practices in their classrooms.

McChrystal’s phrase might want to be quoted in NCCS material in the future. I’ve been privileged to be a witness in your great school for about ten years and McChrystal’s phrase is soooo NCCS. Every student is encouraged to always perform at the top-of-their game; they cannot hide behind a bush at your school. They are trained to be contributing team members. The resulting educated student is comfortable on stage in any role. And I’ve seen many outstanding performances with my association with NCCS over the years.

Ask me how I really feel about your excellent educational factory. You guys are the real captains of industry as you prepare your charges for the real world.

Always remember that your tireless efforts matter to your students and to society as a whole.

Geoff Fuller, Grandparent

Dear friends of NCCS,
…As you know, our school is wonderful.

I love NCCS because it teaches me about God and we learn things we didn’t know like things in bible, history and science.

I am in third grade. We are going to do worm races.

We are learning lots of things.

Sincerely yours,
Frances Finley

Dear Friends of NCCS,
Thank you for supporting our school! You’re truly helping us because of your contributions to our school. It’s great that you are praying and donating to NCCS to help us become a bigger school. Also, we can have more books and tools. Thanks for putting others first!

I’m a student in the fourth grade. I love our school because we have lots of fun doing things like math, recess, spelling, science and history. Last year was my first year in this school. In third grade we learned about the Romans. We had lots of parties and we dressed up too. Have a great year!
Matthew Crowe, Fourth Grade