Thank you for your willingness to partner with New Covenant Christian School in one of the following ways:

Become a Centurion

Centurions for Classical Christian Education commit to giving $100/month (or a one time, $1200 donation) to assist NCCS with ongoing costs not covered by tuition. Centurions who make this commitment are invited to a special event in the fall, and join a group of individuals and families who want to leave a lasting legacy of academic excellence.

Give to our Stewardship Fund ($40,000 goal)

This one time gift allows NCCS to prepare for unanticipated financial challenges, particularly challenges that are a result of external economic factors. We want our school to be able to weather any storms the Lord allows us to face, and your gift secures NCCS’ future no matter the challenge.

Give to our Gym Renewal Project ($40,000 goal)

Our school gym is a classroom, a lunchroom, an art room, and of course, a gym. Every student in our school uses the gym, and as a multi-purpose space, we need help making it the best it can be. We need to repair and replace flooring, replace seating and storage, and make the space more suitable for athletic and academic needs. Please consider partnering with us in this major renewal project!

Donating online is easy!

Simply click the DONATE button below to make a donation. (Recurring donations require a PayPal account. One time donations can be made with a credit or debit card, or a PayPal account, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a one time donation.)

Enter the amount you’d like to donate and enter your financial information. Remember, you don’t need to have a PayPal account unless you are making a recurring donation!

One the final confirmation page, please write in if you are donating to become a Centurion, to our Stewardship Fund, or to our Gym Renewal Project (see the yellow arrow space in the picture below).

We will be in touch with you following your donation to make sure your donation is used for the appropriate fund!